Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dinner in the Gatineau Hills

After our day at the National Gallery, my niece Kim and her husband picked Bill and me up for a view of the Ottawa River from Pointe Champlain in the Gatineaus before dinner. 
 Kim, Ella, Richard, Bill
Kim, Richard, Ella 
 It was a perfect evening
Ella, recovering from her initial shyness, showed off her rock climbing skills.
Has any child hung more limply from her father's arm as he carried her to the car?
We had reservations at the Cafe Soup'Herbe in Chelsea.
A lovely spot for a celebration and toasts.
At the first mention of toast, Ella said she would have some too.
 Kim gave us a little Ottawa tour on the way to their home in the south of the city.
Louise Bourgeois' Maman, guarding the National Gallery 
 When we visited her home, Ella showed us her magic wand.
Then Ella took my hand and led me to her river. A moment of calm. We're watching that large frog in the water on the right.
Ella has just learned to ride a bicycle.

Not knowing how to stop does not deter her from launching herself at high speed. Bless her!