Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Greg Couillard's 60th Birthday

We swam through the deluge, last Sunday, to Sandy Stagg's house for Greg Couillard's 60th birthday party. We were greeted by Marion Lewis, one of the founders of the A Space art gallery.
Greg's sister Gay (Vienna Bakery), and Sandy (Peter Pan) did the food so we brought our appetites. Gay is dressing one of the salads.
Nice to see Gay's husband, Paul. He told us Greg and Sandy were in the garden. 
 Now we are 60 and looking every inch the superstar chef. Happy Birthday, Greg!
 Sandy, our hostess, posed with a lovely clematis.
It was fun to see Greg surrounded by friends and co-workers from his past. 
Bill caught me swanning through Sandy's lush garden.
You don't see strawberries growing on a lattice at eye level every day.
 Then it was time to eat. That's a divine potato salad at 12 o'clock. Gay said she throws everything in it. Smoked salmon at 9 o'clock, and gorgeous organic tomatoes at 6 o'clock. Time for shrimp and a bigger plate!
Sandy Stagg, most elegant of hostesses,
 proposed the toast for the birthday boy.
 Then it was time for more wine. Lana Lowen got attitude from an antique wine bottle opener.
Sandy's had long experience with the opener's little ways. 
 Richard's slippers were one of the hits of the evening.
"I only get a chance to wear them a few times a year."
I didn't know any of the ladies in the front room, but they were ever so interesting and fun to talk to.
And the front room got the first of the desserts. Greg's birthday cake was his sister's strawberry shortcake with lemon curd. 
After wolfing it down I found Gay in the kitchen plating the next round.
 Afterwards, Gay posed with one of Greg's waiters from his first restaurant in Toronto, The Parrot on Queen West.
 One of the guests took a portrait of Bill and me
in front of onlookers.
Later, pastry chef, David, told Gay how much he liked the lemon curd with the strawberries. She told him she'd also paired the lemon curd with rhubarb. We left them discussing the sweet and the tart, while Greg's party continued in the garden beyond. Great party, Sandy!

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