Monday, May 20, 2013

Trionfale Market

On Saturday, John and I visited one of our favourite markets of Rome on Via Andrea Doria near the Vatican. It fills the ground floor of a new residential building. It's an Aladdin's cave of tempting produce and bustling with photogenic shoppers and vendors.

The tomatoes really are brownish like this.
Trimmed hearts of artichoke.
Stuffed zucchini -- ready to cook.
Prosciutto being sliced.
Live turtle -- ready to cook -- Yikes!
Wild Boar for sale here.



  1. The colours are jumping and jiving throughout this post! Such an abundance of life's pleasures.

  2. Just makes me want to cook, Shelley!

  3. Your pictures of the market are absolutely beautiful, vibrant and alive. Aah, simply gorgeous!

  4. Thanks, Nikki. You can't pass a church or a market in Italy without checking it out. John

  5. Hard choice but I think the artichokes are my favourite!

  6. Did you manage to pass up the wild boar head?
    The person in front of you in line probably snatched it up for their Sunday dinner ...
    Delicious produce indeed.
    Lisa R-R

  7. Jane, they prepare them wonderfully here, but I would like to bake those stuffed zucchini at home. Yum! I have yet to try cinguale, Lisa, I must remedy that! Boar's aren't cute, eh?