Friday, May 17, 2013

Tim Bowditch & Nick Rochowski at 28

Last night John and I went to an opening at the Piazza di Pietra Fine Arts Gallery across from the Temple of Hadrian that now houses the Rome stock exchange.
It was a lovely evening and visitors to the show were already spilling into the piazza.
The new show is entitled HIND LAND and features the photographs of two young British artists, Tim Bowditch and Nick Rochowski. The work centres on a series of photos taken under the M5 highway that encircles London.
John got right to work on a portrait of the artists.
The gallery owner, Francesa, told us that she'd hoped we would come to the opening since we spoke English while most of Romans invited did not.
Actually, the artists seemed to be dealing quite nicely with the visitors.
This is Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau. He contributed a repeating seven minute sound environment of the sounds of the M5 that played in the basement installation of the Hind Land show.
The basement made a perfect space for the installation because it encorporates some ancient foundations of the walls of the courtyard that once surrounded the Temple of Hadrian in the piazza.
The new and ancient subterranean elements complimented one another perfectly.
Italian painter Claudio Andreoli borrowed John's camera to take this portrait of us in the basement. Nice portrait, Claudio. Thank you!

Here's a link to Bowditch's website with all the photographs and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau's sound installation --



  1. Utterly fascinating! A 7 minute sound environment - how cool is that? Great doc about the exhibit & your life as it continues in Roma.

  2. Thanks, Shelley. It was nice of Francesca to invite us. It was the same gallery at which we bought your little Claudio Andreola study.
    The Brits' photos and installation were very nicely displayed in the space.

  3. I think the picture of the two of you together is wonderful.

    I am always telling myself that I'm going to make a real effort to get someone to take a picture of my husband and I together, now and then, when we are out with our cameras. Somehow, I always forget.

  4. It is a nice portrait of us, isn't it, Jane. We often shoot us together in mirrors while visiting somewhere but this trip 2 Romans offered to take out picture and both turned out nicely.