Monday, May 6, 2013

Pizza at La Montecarlo

Bill and I finally made it back to one of our fave pizzerias from our last trip.

It's always crazy-busy. Our pizzas were on our table within minutes of ordering,

And we loved watching the staff tear up and down the narrow isles.

Bill had a Margherita with anchovies. I had the plain Margherita.

They were both delicious -- the thin, crispy, crust was out of this world.

I could see the harassed manager from my seat -- he didn't miss a single detail and kept exhorting the waiters to " Vai, ragazzi! (Go, boys!)"

I enjoyed watching the pizza-makers behind him so much that I had to go take a closer look.

I was probably in a staff-only area but they put up with me good-naturedly.

We had two pizzas, a litre of wine(!) and a bottle of bubbly water, all for 24 euros -- a bargain -- we'll be back.



  1. Did one pizza cost less or about the same as the litre of wine? Amazing!
    Glad it had not closed or changed since your previous visit.
    Also glad that despite all the news about financial crises Italians still want to eat lunch at a restaurant.
    The blog posts are so much fun - thanks for posting during the trip.

  2. Our pleasure, Lisa. So glad YOU are following and enjoying! The pizzas cost about 6 euros each.

  3. Wow Roma is definitely a deal compared to Firenze, or I just wasn't in the right places. Enjoy!

  4. That pizza looks awesome, just the way I like it - thin and crisp with simple toppings.

  5. The crust was perfection. Thanks for commenting.