Thursday, May 2, 2013

Organic Market

Bill and I planned to start yesterday morning at MAXXI, the Museum of 21st Century Art, but when we got there it was closed for the May 1st National Holiday -- closed May 1st and Dec. 25th -- we'll know better next time!

Having nothing better to do we thought we'd have a look at Renzo Piano's Parca Della Musica Auditorium which Bill knew to be nearby.

We followed a stream of people and happily found ourselves at an organic food fair.

We were attracted to the sounds of medieval music.

Local musicians were improvising dance tunes with drums and double-reed instruments.

We love medieval music so we stopped to listem.

A man set a pair of puppets dancing to the tune of his accordion and a fiddle.

The produce looked wonderful.

Is there anything more Roman than artichokes?

The vedors were friendly, offering free samples (prosciutto).

The same stall also offered porchetta (whole roast pig).

We were off to lunch afterward, but bought two sandwiches for dinner. La signora asked each customer if they would like a little crispy skin on top. "Yes, please."

We continued to wander,

Enjoying the stalls of traditional baked goods,

And preserves.

We's been looking for the perfect bottle of local olive oil

and when we tasted the oil at this stall, we knew we had found it.

We paused for some traditional storytelling, before heading back towards the Piazza del Popolo where we had planned to lunch. Happy May Day!


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