Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mercato Testaccio

When John and I left the Pyramide metro station in Rome on our way to visit the Testaccio neighbourhood market we were confronted by the wide and wild Piazzale Ostiense with its landmarks -- the 1st century BC pyramid/tomb of Roman tribune Caius Cestius and the old city gates that now house a museum. Crossing the piazza can be a challenge.

We were amused to find that Caius' pyramid was "in restauro" (under restoration).

We wanted to see the relocated Testaccio market in Piazza O. Giustiniani. The new market building gets no stars for design and I must admit that its "sanitary" and bleak interior couldn't match the "romance" of the old building in Piazza Testaccio.

However, after years of apparent resistance, the old vendors and their customers have settled into the new surroundings and the place was bustling.

The market sells everything from meat, fish, flowers, vegetables & fruit to clothing and hardware.

We came home with 3 cartons of tasty strawberries, these lovely, little pears

and a container of delicious pesto from this display case for our meals "a casa" (at home).



  1. You are correct in 0 stars for design, however, the produce colours & the signs continue to impress.
    buon appetito!

  2. Oh that's sad they moved it was such a delightful space before... but it does seem to hold all the same wonders inside. I love the look of all those brushes.

    I'm enjoying getting caught up with your trip. It looks like you're having a wonderful time!

  3. Beautiful picture of the pears!

    I'm enjoying your trip too.

  4. Great to hear from you, Jane, Q and Shell. You can't keep a good market down. John

  5. "0 Stars for design" It is actually quite an accomplished piece of architecture that wouldn't exist if the historians had their way. Besides the integrated solar shading that keeps the market bearable in the summer, there are archeological sites underneath that the market helps preserve. One of my favorites in Rome for the contemporary twist on a wonderful tradition

  6. It truly is difficult to resist an Italian market, Anonymous. Thanks for your input!