Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lunch at Trattoria Cavalier Gino

Bill and I discovered Gino's yesterday. We arrived at noon. The first sitting was booked-up.
The friendly staff offered us a sitting at 2:30 p.m. We're staying nearby so this suited us fine.
We had read about Gino's in "Food Wine Rome" -- one of our favourite guidebooks. Our hero, David Downie says something like, "If you only eat at one restaurant in Rome, make it Gino's". We thought the place looked way out of our range. We never expected to eat here and we certainly didn't expect to find it so unpretentious and welcoming.
They looked happy to see us at 2:30 and offered us a choice of tables. We settled-in to the bustling restaurant
Where we felt honoured to be served by the father of the house, Gino himself.
He suggested that we might like to start with artichokes. They were utterly delicous.
Then Bill ordered the rabbit cooked with rosemary.
The white meat was tasty and tender -- so savory!
I had the Pollo Romano (Roman Chicken). This is a dish Bill cooks every autumn when the sweet peppers are inexpensive.
This version had everything that Bill's has -- the peppers and tomatoes simmer into an indescribable flavour -- but it also knocked Bill's version out of the park. The combination of flavours was utterly delicious.
Carla, the daughter of the house, shared their secret -- unripe, green olives. A must to try!
We ordered the fagoline (green beans) for our contormi (side dish). Yum!
Fabrizio, brother of Carla, has taken over the restaurant from his Dad. Fabrizio is one tall drink of water!
As the restaurant began to empty we chatted with the family.
Carla approved of my Nikon and offered to take our picture. Thank you Carla! We booked out next lunch (tomorrow) on our way out.


  1. Wow, love your pictures. The second one from the top looks like a painting, gorgeous! And that lunch, oh my! My mouth is watering!

  2. Un pasto divino! Such a wonderful family & amazing ambience.

  3. Thanks Shelly. Thank you, Nikki. We're booked to go back there tomorrow at 13 o'clock -- as they say here -- our lucky number.