Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lunch at Al Leoncino

La Signora rules the roost at Al Leoncino.

Bill and I took refuge from a light rain and she seated us right away.

I was impressed by their wood burning pizza oven. The cooks showed it to me proudly.

We like to start with salads. I love the bitter rocket lettuce -- so tasty and wholesome.

Our pizzas came quickly -- my usual Margherita, Bill had his with anchovies.

I was fussing with my manual focus to bring your face as close to the food as technology will allow.

La Signora swept by -- she said "It's best if you eat it when it's hot." OK, I got the message. Let's eat!

On the way home we stopped at Giolitti's for gelato.

Bill was absolutely stunned by the combination of mango and lemon.

Came up for air for a moment.

Then descended once more into the intense flavour world.



  1. wow - that looks so yummy. Great flavour combination. Glad you guys are having such fun there.

  2. La signora is in charge. Mango & lemon gelato at Giolitti's - Bill could pen a picture book story with all this wonderfulness.