Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lunch at Dal Pollarolo

Bill and I enjoyed Dal Pollarolo on our last visit to Rome, so we had high hopes as we sat down for lunch.
We like to start our meals with salads. Bill has dressed his Insalata Mista (mixed green salad) with olive oil and is now adding balsamic vinegar.
My "Mista" has the addition of tuna and eggs. Scrumptious! I'll certainly order this again.
Lunch always includes wine and bubbly water.
I had another lasagne -- vegetarian, and very tasty.
Bill had a flamboyantly delicious fettuccine with artichokes.
We had been late arriving at the restaurant -- after four hours at MAXXI. Romans are strict about almost nothing except the timing of lunch. Our waiter somewhat sheepishly confessed that their coffee machine had been put to bed for the afternoon so they could offer us no cafe'.
It was a perfect opportunity for me to ask him to pose for a portrait.


  1. That lasagne looks amazing too! I would be very torn though - the pasta with artichokes looks fabulous as well!

  2. I think I would choose artichokes every day, but then there are the eggplant options, and what about asparagus ...

  3. I can't stop looking at the lasagne, all of this looks so appetizing & how wonderful to end with a shot of the waiter!

  4. The lasagna portion does look like a hefty slice; Yum!

  5. One doesn't leave Dal Pollarolo hungry, seule771!