Friday, May 3, 2013

Lunch at La Buca di Ripetta

The 1st of May holiday found our beloved Dal Pollarolo closed,
But we discovered a new place called La Buca di Ripetta a few doors down (via di Ripetta, 36).
The prices were in our range and the menu looked good.
Bill ordered a risotto with eggplant (melanzane).
I had the ever reliable spaghetti carbonara (egg yolks, Pecorino Romano cheese and bacon).
And a salad, of course -- we ARE watching our figures.
And some lovely, bitter greens -- wild chicory.
I dug into my pasta -- I wish I could slip you a forkful through the screen!
We washed it all down with wine and bubbly water. They cut through the flavours so refreshingly.
And the espresso is always a perfect way to end an Italian meal.


  1. Great food pics! That risotto is magical with the ever so thin leaf of 'melanzane' - beauty.

  2. Thanks,Shelly -- wish you were here!

  3. Sweet heavens, you guys know how to lunch! And I love your pictures of that luscious carbonara, the risotto with it's elegant slice of eggplant, yummmm... and bitter greens, yowza!

  4. Glad to have you aboard, Nikki! We love the adventure of sitting down to lunch in this town and also bringing home loot from the markets to eat at home.