Sunday, May 12, 2013

In Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

One thing I was determined to do on this trip was to slow down and spend periods of time in churches. Bill decided he would rather spend that time sketching.

Yesterday we gave the idea a try. He set himself up in front of the Pantheon and I walked behind the Pantheon to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.

I've found in the past that the more time I spend in a church the more I notice. Sitting in a pew near the front my eyes were drawn up and I noticed this organ.

After awhile I moved to a side chapel and noticed I was under the watchful gaze of this Madonna.

In a chapel on the left of the altar I found the side of a tomb with Hercules wrestling the Nemean lion.

Above this sleeping figure.

I wandered slowly toward the back of the church, looked up again, and saw I was still being watched over.

The interior is magnificent -- a forest of pillars.

This Madonna is always surrounded by candles.

These stacking-chairs had a rigour of an art installation.

I'd worked my way to the back of the church. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva is Rome's only Gothic church. When you walk in you will be struck by the brightly coloured vaulting (a neo-gothic restoration the guide books sneer at, but I love it).

In a tiny chapel by the entrance I was struck by this painting of Christ(?). I've never seen him dressed like this before. I like it! I slipped out the door to see what Bill was up to at the Pantheon.



  1. I hadn't checked your blog for a few days - what a feast.....for the eyes and the tummy!

  2. Grazie, Jane!
    We're trying to keep the blog up to date but of course it's impossible to do so!