Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Lunch at Enoteca Corsi

Bill and I were pleased to be remembered by Claudia and her sister, Sarah, and their mother and aunt, who greeted us warmly.

We caught up on all our news then got down to the serious business of lunch. Sarah went back to watching over the room.

Bill had the swordfish baked with cherry tomatoes, and rosemary potatoes

And a green salad.

I had the lasagne with asparagus

With the zucchini gratin.

Claudia is an accomplished pastry cook and brought us a delicious complimentary apricot torte.

We will dine here again soon.



  1. The lasagne with asparagus would, by itself, make the whole trip worthwhile, I think!

  2. I have been awaiting your return to the enoteca!
    Looks just as lovely as on your previous visit.
    I am guessing they are thrilled at your return. Glad you could get a seat!
    Lisa R-R

  3. Dear Lisa and Jane -- glad you liked the food pics. I was afraid the lasagna was too plain looking. Had it again today at Dal Pollarolo (pictures soon) -- it was even plainer looking and even more delicious.

  4. Looks divine, Claudia is very beautiful & also a talented baker!

  5. Thanks, Shell -- more from Claudia soon.