Sunday, May 5, 2013

Claudio Andreoli at Piazza di Pietra

Last night in our neighbourhood Bill and I noticed a little art gallery in one corner of the Piazza di Pietra.

We weren't familiar with the artist but liked the look of the window display.

I had a look around then wandered down to the basement. I could hear the artist, Claudio Andreoli talking to Bill about the show.

When Bill joined me downstairs he told me that all the works downstairs were studies selling for 10 euros.

That made browsing particularly fun. We found two pieces that we decided we couldn't live without.

Andreoli told us he thought they made an excellent set.

We congratulated Francesca Anfosso, the owner of the gallery, and went on our way rejoicing.

Aren't these fabulous? If you are interested, don't delay, because according to the website ( the show is closing this Tuesday, May 7th. We'll be back for sure, for another long, good look.



  1. They are fabulous! I love the display.

  2. We'll try to go by and get you one before the show closes, Shelley!