Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A visit to EUR, Rome

At last John and I managed to visit EUR (Esposizione Universale Romana), the World Exposition planned by Italian Fascists of the 1930's to create a space showcasing Fascist taste to the world and to create a new space rivalling the architectural monuments of Imperial and Papal Rome. The 2nd World War interrupted their plans but the space was completed in the 1950's in a new spirit.

Wide, open spaces, right angles, lots of gleaming marble, lots of columns, heroic (often homoerotic) Deco sculpture and over-sized dimensions predominate. Walking around you feel that there is no place for you as an individual. there is only the power of the state.

At the same time the influence of these buildings on 20th century architects and architecture is obvious.

The true piece de resistance of EUR is the Palazzo Della Civita' del Lavoro (known as the Square Forum) with its rows of uniform arches, white marble and collection of Deco sculpture.

Somehow the EUR district manages to be both chilling and inspirational. Go see!



  1. Ominous! Great photos (& clouds)- these shots really convey the monumental oppressiveness of the architecture.

  2. It's an amazing space, Shelley, and I agree, the clouds that morning really added to the drama of the buildings.

  3. Good job getting to the EUR! Although just a note - the Palazzo is known as the "square colosseo" not foro. The arches built up around are just like the colosseo