Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Pasticceria

When John and I went out for a stroll Sunday night we noticed a new shop had opened in our neighbourhood.

Paolo Pistone has opened a new traditional Sicilian pastry shop called " I Dolci di Nonna Vicenza" (the sweets of Grandma Vicenza) on Mother's Day in Piazza Monte Citorio, just a block from our apartment. Three pastry chefs made creations in front of an admiring crowd of well-wishers.

Mr. Pistone watched over the proceedings and handed out gift packages of his pastries to all the mothers present.

His own mother opened the original, highly-successful shop in Catania, Sicily. Now Rome can enjoy the same delicacies.

When we passed by an hour and a half later, Paolo and his staff were posing for a formal, group portrait in the piazza outside the shop. Auguri, Paolo and I Dolce di Nonna Vicenza!



  1. Real life Kings of Pastry.
    Looks delicious indeed.
    I am in favour of Sicilian nut cookies.

  2. We've gotta try some of their stuff.

  3. This giant table they're working on also looks like a work of art. Magnificent desserts.

  4. I agree. A table you can work at while standing, without having to bend -- I want one!