Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2nd lunch at Al Leoncino

On our second visit to Al Leoncino, La Signora directed us out to the patio. It was a beautiful day (una bella giornata).

Bill and I toasted the fantastic Cubists/Cubism show we'd just seen and when I put my glass down it looked cubist.

I enjoyed watching La Signora wait on the other customers while we waited for our pizzas in the shade of the oversized umbrellas.

Soon she brought our pizzas, and warned me to keep my camera off the table away from enterprising motorbike drivers -- advice gratefully accepted

Bill's Primavera with fresh tomato slices and basil leaves.

My Carciofi with artichoke pieces.

We dug in.

The sign in the door says Al Leoncino's opening hours (Orario di Apertura) are from (dalle) one o'clock to (alle) 2:35 p.m. and from 7 p.m to midnight, every day except Wednesday (mercoledi'). Matino really means morning and pomeriggio really means afternoon so I guess we can read these as first and second shifts.



  1. Mattino at 1 p.m. did have me confused. Thanks for your helpful elaboration. . . Are these types of signs for showing open hours the norm in Europe? I'm otherwise only familiar with this format from textbooks - les livres Fran├žaise.
    The pizza's look positively yummy, my kind of pizza!

  2. I've only seen these signs in Italy -- where the afternoon siesta is sacred. These thin-crust pizzas are as good as they look.

  3. 2:35 - not 2:30 ;-)
    The pizzas are divine, the crust!!

  4. I know -- why 2:35????
    Divine today, will probably be divine tomorrow.