Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Day in Rome

Bill and I were jetlagged for sure when we arrived at the Daro's apartment in Rome last Monday afternoon. It was 3:30 so lunch was over in Rome but we knew we could find some kind of snack if we headed out into the streets.

Of course you can't go two steps in Rome without being distracted some ravishing monument. A block or two away from home is the magical church of San Ignazio.

Set in a Baroque square that looks like a theatrical set.

Inside is a marvellous trompe d'oeil (fool the eye) ceiling fresco showing Saint Ignazio being "assumed" into heaven.

The light was gorgeous.

Bill suggested I catch some details.

Our rambling next took us past the Pantheon, our favourite building in Rome.

We's forgotten all about food when we visited next the Church of Saint Luigi dei Francesi, the French national church in Rome.

Inside are a trio of Caravaggio paintings, still installed where Caravaggio painted them from 1600 to 1602. Here's "The Calling of St Matthew".

And the central panel, "The Inspiration of St Matthew". These were his first public commisions.

Finally our hunger returned and we quickly found the Antico Forno. Their pizza bailed us out many times on our last visit.

Look how beautifully wrapped these slices are!

I felt like Moses with the tablets of the law. But Moses didn't get olive oil on his shirt. That's zuccini on the left and potatoes and fresh rosemary on the right.

On our first grocery run we'd forgotten to buy coffee. Slipping out to by it took us again past the Pantheon. How lucky are we to be once again in Rome!



  1. Oh John, how wonderful your photos. Pantheon was my very favourite on my visit to Rome last year.
    --- Dorota

  2. Molto fabuloso!
    John you look so relaxed and happy.
    Lisa R-R

  3. Great shots, John! I noticed you also got yourself a zoom lens!

  4. Thanks for sharing your vacation B & J. What sort of cheese do they put on the pizza?

  5. Thanks, Rarecat. It is an 18-55 mm and a joy to use.
    Lisa, Thank you. Bill caught the real me there.

  6. Potch, it must be mozzarella, glad you are along for the ride.

  7. I'm salivating over the Caravaggio & the pizza. Keep posting & I will stock up on anti-depressants. xoxo