Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Day with Reta

Bill and I always enjoy the bus ride to St Catharines.
The different kinds of light and all the reflections are always fascinating.
We've become friendly with Randy, our driver.
 Randy knows that Bill is an illustrator. When he asked Bill how the job was going Bill told him his new book, Tommy's Angel,  had just been published and showed him the copy he'd brought to show his mother. Randy loved it and then the woman sitting behind Bill asked to see it, then two Brock students had a look. The woman behind Bill said, "Now we've had our morning devotion."
We got underway. The onramp to the Gardiner Expressway makes me feel urban.
Bill and I like to sit up front where we can watch the action.
Lots of snow in St Catharines. 
As usual Bill was drawn to the houses. 
We found Reta in fine form and sporting a new do.
She posed for her close-ups before we went down to lunch. 
Then it was time for wine, movie and conversation. Try and get a word in edgewise in this group!
We finished the day with fish and chips at the Heritage Restaurant -- a family favourite.


  1. Lovely photos as usual - good antidote to a cold winter day.
    So glad Reta is still keen on socializing, wine, food and movies. Clearly keys to long life and happiness!
    have a good winter week
    Lisa R-R

  2. Thanks, Lisa. She's an inspiration. Let's get together soon. I have the new Pamuk for you.

  3. I love going on your journeys - how wonderful that the bus driver got to have a look at Bill's book. He must look forward to your trips, so many of us don't get to know the people we encounter regularly. You two are a great inspiration for everyone.
    Tell Reta that her new 'do' looks great. I love her green ensemble as well.

  4. Rita is beautiful. She must love your visits and look forward to each one. And you guys will remember them fondly forever

    I used to love visiting Grandma and having lunch with her. Sadly, it reminds me thay I will never have lunch with my mother as an old lady. How fun that would have been.


  5. We visit her every two weeks now and she's a lot of fun.
    Oh, Lisa, I miss my parents and your mother so often. Still can't believe they're gone. Counting my blessings -- you and your family are among them!
    Uncle John

  6. Thanks Uncle John. I love you. And when I saw the picture of you in this post, I saw my mom. Which makes me smile and brings me such comfort. You look alike. xo

  7. And have that same delivish smirk ;)

  8. Reta has such class and style! You always look so happy together - your pictures and stories always make me think - "Oooohh maybe they'll invite ME next time - looks like SO much fun!"

    I guess I should be grateful that I get to have some pretty neat outings of my own!)

    I really like the picture of the bus driver looking at the book!


  9. We should probably arrange a separate visit with you sometime, Jane. Our visits with Reta are bit tightly scheduled. Hope you and your family are well. Sounds likely if you have neat outings of your own.

    1. :)

      Oh my goodness! I hope you don't take me TOO seriously. I wouldn't dream of inviting myself - what the three of you seem to have is so special and precious.

      I think what draws me to your descriptions of your visits with her (and your other adventures) is that they speak to me in a very familiar way. I like that.

      Regards, Jane