Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Bill and I started the new year with lunch in Chinatown.
We went on to the Art Gallery of Ontario for the Rivera/Kalho show. Bill caught a stranger sitting in front of these Day of the Dead effigies of the artists.
Since Frank Gehry's renovation it's always a pleasure to walk around the AGO.
 I'm an old fan of Michael Snow so we checked out his Objects of Vision show. This is our buddy Shelley Savor looking into Snow's Zone of 1982..
That's me sitting in his Seated Sculpture, also of 1982. 
We then had a good look at the Josef Sudek show of photographs before we emerged at the back of the building by the rear elevators. 
A rest in the sculpture atrium before we go to our reward -- the bookstore. 
 Interesting to see these two new books on Caravaggio.
Then we headed into Chinatown. Good art always makes the world look more arty.
 Shelley wanted to buy some carrots for a pea soup she was making out of a hambone from last night's roast. Bill took this picture while we waited for Shell outside the Hua Long Supermarket on Spadina.
Bill dutifully wrote down the name and address of the market in case he might want to post it later.


  1. Great way to start the year with tasty food and art!
    Best wishes for 2013!
    Lisa and Cheri R-R

  2. Thanks, Lisa and Cheri. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!

  3. 2013 is off to a good start! It all starts with great company and great art. Always an eye-opening treat to be with you & Bill.

  4. Shelley, we feel the same way about you. Nice to find someone new to look at art with. I see much more art in our future.