Sunday, September 30, 2012

With Viktor and Judith Tinkl.

The rolling landscape around Uxbridge in Durham County is lovely.
Shelley and Bill and I were excited to arrive at the secluded home, studio and sculpture gardens of Viktor and Judith Tinkl.
We weren't sure what to expect.
These are some of Viktor Tinkl's sculptures from the side of his house as you walk in.
Nice goat.
Viktor's fabulous sculpture garden surrounds the house and studios.
He sure has a way with concrete and junk.
We loved these concrete faces.
Bill loved this treehouse. 
I loved this snake beside one of the cisterns.
This is one of Tinkls' aqueducts.
A frog.
A failed cookie.
Scrap that will become sculpture.
A concrete relief sculpture on one of the buildings. It's hard not to want to see inside all the buildings.
We loved this group of Gods of Nature in a field.
And this army marching through an expanse of golden rod.
Viktor and Judith Tinkl.
When I saw this interactive sculpture I went right up to it.
Nice figures.
Bill turned the wheel, the skeletons danced, something happened above and cat faces rotated below.
The kids on the tour took full advantage of the blocks and triangles that Judith and Viktor provided.
Judith's fabric art and quilts were displayed in the studio.
I want to make some blocks and some triangles for myself to play with.
The residence of the Tinkls appears to be an old converted school house
with one of Viktor's reliefs as its door.
The fantastic gardens and studios were hard to leave but we had other artists to visit.