Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After Hours at LaLaLand

Driving around Prince Edward County we dropped in on Annellie's sister, Kirei, who runs LaLaLand Glass Studio.
You'll find it at County Road #1 and Highway 62.
We resolved to come back the next evening for a proper visit after hours.
When we returned the rain showers of the day had passed and the skies were clearing.
Kirei brought out dry cushions and we settled in to watch her wide-screen, 3-D, high-definition view.
The illusion of depth is so convincing that Dimitri stepped into it to explore the woodlot in the distance.
while the rest of us settled into a lovely chat with drinks and snacks.
Dimitri is about to enter the woods.
The weather varied from the dramatic to the sun-kissed.
I loved this little birdhouse.
 And Kirei's romantic farmhouse.
Bill and I fell immediately under the spell of our delightful host.
Dimitri safe and sound after his wander through the view
I love Annellie's new bag.
Bill took one last look at the view as we headed back to Picton.


  1. Great Post guys!
    Apologies for the long absence.
    I loved the "wide screen" thing. So funny. And what great country side. How lovely to just sit and enjoy the company and the view.
    The bird house is SO cute too.
    Take care Boys

  2. Glad you liked the joke, Simon. Nice to be able to find such bliss so close to home, in our dear Ontario.

  3. Yes, it's funny, but it reminded a bit of the scenery here. The grey clouds certainly look familiar ;-)
    Have a great week