Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Walk in Picton, Ontario

After swims in the pool and a lovely breakfast at Traditions b&b, John, Annellie and Dimitri and I took a stroll down to Main Street.
The town has wonderful, distinctive Victorian architecture like this bed and breakfast across the street from our guesthouse.
John liked these house proud owners fixing up their lovely little brick home.
I followed behind my companions recording the scene.
I loved this wonderful, Edwardian fantasy of a home
with its lush planting and sharp, peaked details.
We all liked the look of this garage turned into live-in studio. Annellie and Dimitri had seen it up for sale recently and had considered making an offer on it.
On Main Street we passed the Regent Theatre (1918), originally built as an opera house and now offering movies and music concerts. The main drag was hopping with holiday visitors.
John passes a chef on stilts advertising his pizza shop.
And in front of the old Royal Hotel, we discovered Annellie's sister, Kerei, manning her glassworks street booth. We made a date to visit her farm/studio later that day.

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