Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hamburger Bahnhof 4: We fought the art but the art won.

By this time John and I were exhausted, but we saw a sign for a special exhibit called Architektonika 2 with a list of artists we admired, and decided to have a peek.
The show was about the influence of architecture on contemporary artists.

We wandered down a long corridor and caught this glimpse out the window. We realized we were about to enter another enormous exhibition space.
In the huge space we encountered room after room of large-scale sculptural pieces like this colourful, hodgepodge of a structure, Caracas, Growing Houses. It is based on the inhabitant-designed structures of the city's barrios.
"Architecturally-influenced" sculptures of Sol Lewitt and Carl Andre.
We loved the exploded architecture of Hermann Pitz' sculpture, Wedding Therese, 1984
and the huge, sprawling, collaborative Gartenskulptur, 1964 of Dieter and Björn Roth. But we were now truly exhausted and peeking down the hallway we saw that the exhibition hall stretched alarmingly into the distance.
Full of regret and yet unable to look at any more art we ran.
If we had been able to return another day we knew we would have discovered wonders in this show. But we were very near the end of our time in Berlin.
And so we found ourselves in the courtyard again.
We walked past the patio of the Sarah Wiener Cafe
to Invalidenstrasse. We stood there a moment looking back along the Schifffarhtkanal at Ms Wiener's canal-side patio and the museum.
As usual when we leave a great art museum, we see ART everywhere. John immediately took this painterly shot of a canal staircase
and this artful capture of the local rooftops.

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