Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nancy's Christmas Tree-Trimming

Welcome to Nancy's Christmas tree-trimming party on Queen's Quay! Have a Poinsettia -- her signature cocktail. Delightfully dangerous!
Nancy has a sensational collection of vintage Christmas Tree ornaments.
This is her fourth annual tree-trimming party. It is a high point of Bill and my year.
 We love decorating her tree!
 Christmas tree ornaments are so photogenic!
Rebecca brought some napkins that said, "Be Naughty -- Save Santa a Trip!"
I downed a delicious Poinsettia. Then I stuck to beer. You know where you are with a beer.
Stephen asked me if I knew where he could get a Rockabilly haircut. "I'm ready to leave the sixties." I advised a visit the Crow's Nest Barber Shop in Kensington Market. He said, "I was just reading about them."
I mentioned the pan of the new P.D James Pemberley murder mystery that I'd read in the Globe that morning. Nancy said, "Wait a minute -- the Star loved it. They said it didn't last long enough."
"The Globe said Mr. Darcey came off as thick as a plank."
She said, "I don't care. I know I'm going to enjoy it!"
Is it my imagination or are the guests subtly circling in on the last deviled egg? Thanks again for a great Christmas get-together, Nancy!


  1. Once again you've managed to capture the fun of the event beautifully. I particularly like the photo of the last egg.

  2. Q, Thank you! I love that last egg pic too. So did Bill when he saw the picture.