Sunday, September 4, 2011

Place your Mark on Paradise

Last Monday John and I rode down Cameron St on our way to Queen Video. We noticed some young people putting up an installation. We stopped so I could take a picture.
I immediately decided that I would return later in the week to see the finished mural.
When I returned on Friday, the installation was complete and a sign at its centre said that it was called "Make Your Mark on Paradise". It's apparently a community mural created by ArtStart, a community art group.
ArtStart has teamed 5 local young people with professional street artists from Canada and Brazil to create art in underused spaces with abandoned materials. Here is a detail of the north end of their mural.
And here is the south end. It's wonderful to see environmentally-friendly artwork being created in downtown Toronto. It reminds me of the "peoples' projects" of the early 70's. 

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