Friday, September 16, 2011

Greg Curnoe: Cutout

The invitation to the launch of the new Greg Curnoe book, Cutout: Shaped Collages 1965-1968, said "Please wear an appropriate handmade tie".
 Bill painted himself a hula girl on brown paper,
And made a wonderful tie for me out of cardboard.
 Cutout is the catalogue of a show curated by Toronto artist Robert Fones for Museum London in London, Ontario. Fones, who won the Governor General's award in March of this year, also designed the catalogue. 
Type Books, the go-to bookstore on Queen Street West, hosted the launch. Staff wore the Cutout tie-bookmarks.
An instant collector's item. I couldn't wait to get it home and have a closer look.
That's a Curnoe "Moustache" on the cover.
 You can count on Robert Fones for appropriate (and quietly gorgeous) typography.
 I flipped through the book and enjoyed these four pages of Curnoe "Ties".
Here's a closer look at the bottom left. Handsome.
"Lip and Chin No. 2" and "Lip and Chin 3". Click on the photo to see it larger. Then you'll see the titles are part of the collage. I love that. Can't wait to start reading this.