Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gary Evans at Paul Petro

Bill and I met friends at the opening of spce invdrs the new Gary Evans show at Paul Petro this month.
 The gallery was filled with ravishing new paintings. It was a treat to see such a strong collection of new work!
 Full disclosure: I bought one of Evans' paintings at his Echo Chamber show at Petro two years ago and I have been looking at it with increasing pleasure every day since.
 It was fun to meet Mr. Evans -- one of my heros.
One last note: Don't miss the intoxicating survey of Evans' works on paper upstairs. If you've been meaning to add a Gary Evans to your collection while it's still possible you might want to get down to Queen Street West before October 8th.
These photos are snap shots. For proper reproductions of some of his earlier work have a look at Evans' website.

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