Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakistani Haircut

This is quite long hair for me. I have had great haircuts in Turkey and I heard that Paris has some cool Turkish, African and South Asian barbershops in the Passage du Prado and I wanted to try one of them.
 The passages of Paris are Victorian shopping arcades. The Passage du Prado is in the 2nd arrondissement.
I liked the look of the shop called Pakwatan and some of the barbers looked free so we walked in and were made very welcome. Wikipedia says the word "Pak Watan" is a "national personification and a term of endearment for Pakistan".
I was quite nervous with my French. At one point my barber asked me if my hair was short enough. I wanted him to cut it shorter and said, moins court, which means "less short". This, rightly, confused him, but another barber spoke English and  it all came out right in the end.
I love the cut that I got and it only cost seven euros! I hope to go back again before coming home.

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