Sunday, May 8, 2011

Richard-Lenoir Market

When we arrived in Paris, our host Julia Daro suggested that we visit the Richard Lenoir market which happens very near to our apartment every Thursday and Sunday. We love markets. We went on Thursday and we went this morning.
The market runs on Blvd. Richard Lenoir from Place de la Bastille north to Rue St. Gilles and sells fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, flowers and dry goods. Here's a sampling.
Coquilles St. Jacques
Salmon fillets
Fishmongers with an octopus.
Quail eggs
We've never seen asparagus like these before.
We bought one of these olive baguettes -- it was delicious!
This stew looked tempting but our shopping bag was bursting. We had already bought a roast chicken for tonight and a sole fillet for tomorrow. We plan to be regulars here.

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