Sunday, January 16, 2011

A date with Nellie & Harriet

On Saturday John and I met Harriet and her cousin, Nellie Holmes at John's Italian Caffe on Baldwin Street for lunch.
Harriet and John above. Me and Nellie bellow.
After much deliberation Harriet, John and I had yummy lasagnas and Nellie had a divine linguine with pesto and goat cheese. Then we walked over to the Textile Museum at 55 Centre Avenue in old Chinatown.
John (above) is standing in front of a thread sculpture by Kai Chan, part of A Spider's Logic, a great retrospective, covering 35 years of Chan's work.
Nellie, a textile artist, had specifically come into town to see Drawing with Scissors: Molas from Kuna Yala, a show of the appliqué panels that decorate the blouses of the Kuna people, an indigenous race from Panama.
Both shows are well worth a visit!

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