Monday, December 6, 2010

Good Looking

This past November, I showed 28 new photographs at Arcadia Gallery. The pictures in Good Looking: Photographs by John Elmslie were taken in Toronto, New York, San Francisco and Rome.
Rob Gray designed the invitation. Rob also designed the invitation to my first show, The Floating World, in 2005, and the invitation to the show Bill and I had in 2007, The Phone on the Beach at Cefalù.
Lori Fox Rossi took this picture at the opening. Thanks, Lori! That's Bill in the green shirt.
Here is the long wall of the gallery one Saturday afternoon before I put the lights on. 
The motto for the show is by American painter Charles Burchfield: "Astonishment and wonder are the keynotes of this picture -- Eliminate all else - ".
We had a steady stream of visitors to the show on the three weekends. A few people booked private views on weeknights.
I enjoyed spending time with my pictures. It made me want to run out and take millions more pics!
Find all twenty-eight Good Looking photographs here.


  1. My favourite: Trevi Fountain couple, Rome.

    Runners up: Glass of Water, Red Details, Starbucks window

    The Trevi Fountain couple in Rome though... ah... romance, simplicity, precision, passion. Love is in the air!

  2. Absolutely Clear, brought tears to my eyes.

    Beautiful, beautiful poem.

  3. Thank you, Lisa! I love to hear about people's favourite pics. The Trevi Fountain has a special place in Bill's and my hearts. We stayed just down the street from it this visit to Rome and passed it by almost every night. There was always Romance in the air.

    You may be sure that I had Linda's illness in mind when I included "Absolutely Clear". It is so intense and what an unusual sentiment! You know I'm not religious, so I was surprised to find myself needing to begin and end the show with a prayer. I was originally going to call the show "The Subject Tonight is Love".

  4. I agree it's a beautiful poem - powerful too! Thanks for sharing it - I will now look up the writer.

    Ocean Beach is still my favourite - what would photographers do without seagulls! I have to send you one I too last month in NZ.

  5. Thanks, rarecat! Glad you like the Ocean Beach pic. It was a thrill to take off our shoes and roll up our pants and walk out into the shallow part of the Pacific Ocean.

  6. Hey John! Those photos look great. I am sorry I missed the show :( I'll be watching more carefully for your next one. There are some great posts here on your blog...thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to you both.

  7. Nice to have you drop by, Michael. Glad you've enjoyed the pics and posts. More shows on the way, in fact Bill and I have booked the gallery for a year and a half from now for a dual show. Onward...!