Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating Nancy's Christmas Tree

Every year Nancy invites her closest friends over to help her trim her tree. An indispensable ingredient of this party are Nancy's Poinsettia cocktails. Here are the ingredients all set out for the party.
It's a secret recipe, so I'll just say that to a base of chilled Prosecco
Add vodka, Grand Mariner liqueur, and pomegranate and cranberry juice.
Bill and I hadn't seen Nancy's son, Cal, in a while. It's always nice to see him.
This is Rebecca's first Poinsettia of the year. No-one is allowed near the tree until they've had at least two drinks.
We have Stephen to thank for putting up the enormous tree.
And so Bill and Rebecca begin.
This decoration found its way to the heart of the tree.
Nancy has an incredible collection of new and vintage ornaments.
We love this party.
A tremendous amount of care goes into getting the ornaments hung just right. Here's Nancy making last minute additions.
This house is one of my favourites.
Toronto bassist, Terry Wilkins, dropped by to say Hi and see the tree on his way to a gig.
Work done, we all tore into the highlight of the evening, Rebecca's legendary apple crumble. It was even more delicious than it looks. 


  1. Once again you've captured the moments so brilliantly on film. It is always a delight to view your photos and read your reminiscences.

  2. We blush, Q! Glad you enjoy the pictures and stories -- it was a great party!