Sunday, October 3, 2010

Six Roman Desserts

You can find the full story of these delicious desserts in Bill and my posts from May and June 2010. Look for the name of the restaurant: Enoteca Corsi. The pictures I posted before were all processed online on Picasa from Rome. I wanted to give you some properly photoshopped versions of these divine confections.
Claudia's Chocolate Mousse Cake
Wild Berry Custard Torte
Sarah's Wild Berry Custard Puff Pastry
Robyn's Apple Pie with Cardamom and Marscapone
Sarah's Vanilla Strawberry Layer Cake
Claudia's Whim


  1. Both of Claudia's desserts look to die for! Those are the one's I'd be after for sure.

  2. We felt a bit like Paris judging between the 3 goddesses -- but we agree, Claudia was the clear winner. Yummers!