Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Klockwerks Garden Party

Last Sunday Bill and I attended Roger Wood's Klockwerk's Garden Party 2010. That's Roger and Bill, seated from the left, with Nancy, Rebecca and Omid.
I love the way people relax after the formal picture is taken.
Roger lives on the second floor of the Klockwerks plant, on the Stoney Creek side of Hamilton, Ontario. Roger with Trevor Hughes.
Your humble reporter in the front hall is saying to himself, "Take this picture then put the camera down." But everything is a picture waiting to happen.
Roger's collection of antique razors on a shelf in the bathroom.
The Guest Room of Bad Taste
The Hall of the Black Velvet Masters leads down to the ground-level studio.
William Kimber contemplates a Klockwerks bell jar.
While Nancy Woodruff commissions a star-burst clock.
Then as in a horror movie Nancy then leads us into the basement.
Past the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Into the squalls of sawdust.


  1. What a wonderful account of Roger's Garden Party! It was lovely to meet everyone and we look forward to attending your show in November.

    Martha Dennis & Robert Murray

  2. How nice to hear from you again, Martha and Robert! It was lovely to meet you too. It was great to see Roger so settled in his new place -- every screw and nut in its place. I'll let you know about November.