Friday, July 23, 2010

Bill and John go to Town

One afternoon on Canada Day long weekend, after a delightful morning on the beach, John and I decided to take a walk through town. Kincardine is a treasure trove of Victorian architecture.
As soon as we passed the harbour, bridge and lighthouse we we arrived at the Walker House (1850), the oldest building in the town. It was built by Francis "Paddy" Walker as an inn and tavern. Now it is a museum of the heritage of the Lake Huron shoreline. It's situated at 235 Harbour St and Huron Terrace.
I love this classic "farm house" of Southern Ontario.
And how about this perfect rural Ontario front yard?
The Victorian beauties are well-maintained and on large lots.
Who can resist an Italianate belvedere, which is often called a Widow's Walk.
Some of the gardens surrounding the ladies are both opulent and delightful.

On the main street of Kincardine , Queen Street, John noticed an intriguing barber shop next to a Victorian tavern.
Soon he was sitting in the barber's chair in The Old Barbershop getting a trim. When we left, his barber reminded us that there was a parade and Scottish Festival that evening. We replied that we'd be there. "Don't forget your kilt", quipped the barber, who also directed us to the Beer Store.
Another favourite building of mine was this lovely late 1950's bungalow. In the 50's my parents  looked at lots of booklets of home designs and this would have been the result if they'd chosen one. I bet it has no basement but a utility room. So modern!
We had a great tour. So lets end in the 50's, shall we? Who could resist this classic motel situated right back at the harbour; the Harbour Motor Inn.

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