Monday, July 26, 2010

Kincardine cottages

I'm an early riser so one morning during our stay with John's sister and brother-in-law, I slipped out of the houselhold of sleepers and went for a walk along Goderich Street which is lined with some of the lovely old-style, small, often unwinterized cottages of Kincardine like this lovely rustic example.
Adding a piece of fantasy for the kids is this charming, playhouse across the street, The Garden Inn.
Or how about this little family compound where Larry, Pat and Enda all have their own private, tiny cottage bedrooms!
Or would you prefer a swing with a view of Lake Huron further down the sleepy, little street?
This tiny summer retreat at the end of the street features another childrens' playhouse 
and easy access to the beach.
Here we find evidence of childhood play from the day before
which is also evident with the drying beach towels on the veranda of a great 60's A-frame seen on my return along the beach.
Finally I found myself back at the opulent grounds of the modern all-season bed and breakfast of Lakeview Terrace just in time to find a rabbit crossing the lawn. It was a delightful morning stroll. Now for some coffee!


  1. Bill, I enjoyed re-living my days in K when I lived on Goderich Street, right beside the place with the little kids' individual cottages! Phyllis

  2. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my pics, Phyllis! I must admit that if I lived in Kincardine, I'd want to live on Goderich Street.

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