Thursday, June 24, 2010

Omid's Graduation 2010

Bill and I were honoured to witness our friend Omid's graduation, with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, last Saturday, from York University. Here he is, emerging from the large tent, where the ceremony took place.
At the center of this picture is Omid's mother, Farideh, with her sister, Hamideh, Omid's nephew, Keedus and his cousin, Sunny.
Omid's mother and father, Farideh and Hamid, his brother, Ali and his nephew
Then we wandered into the Rose Garden. It was such a hot and humid day. Omid couldn't wait to get that robe off. He'd been wearing this suit, under the robe, in the "sweat lodge".
 A short time later, he ran into Martine Rheault, Galerie Glendon Gallery's artistic co-ordinator, and Omid's boss at the gallery for most of his time at Glendon. Martine looked him over and said, "You look very Parisian. You must wear that in Paris."
The Graduate 2010
Nancy, Omid, Bill and Hamid
John (me), Omid and Nancy
Bill took this picture of a more relaxed Omid, just before we set off to Ali and Amber's house, for the After Party.
Amber's mother has a genius for decoration. The graduation caps are squares of chocolate on Rollos.
Shelley, Nancy, Bill and Omid's Uncle Jafar.
Martine came by after the ceremony to meet Omid's family. 

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