Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunch at Enoteca Corsi

Yesterday was our third delicious lunch at Enoteca Corsi, via del Gesu', 88, between Corso Vittorio and Piazza della Pigna. Mary settled us at our table and took our order. We both wanted their incredible roast veal, which I had enjoyed on my first visit, with side salads and wine and bubbly water.
I noticed that Claudia was making a chocolate torta. We had enjoyed her chocolate mousse on our last visit, so I jumped up with my camera to document her at work.
Her aunt was setting up for the soon to come lunch rush but had time to pose for me.
 Claudia hopes to open her own pastry shop someday. "I'm glad you are my official photographer." I am happy to accept the honour.
I suddenly remembered that my lunch must be ready so ran back to the table to find everything in place -- Bill's steamed bieta, my mixed salad --
and our veal with roast potatoes. Look how thinly sliced the veal is! It's served under a thin layer of delicious gravy. The roast potatoes are crispy at the edges but soft inside and soak up the gravy. The French couple at the next table were so impressed by the presentation and by the aroma, that they ordered exactly the same thing for themselves.
We had to try the chocolate cake for dessert. Sarah, the other daughter of the house, treated us to some dessert wine to compliment the food. We've seen Sarah in action on our previous visits, assuring customers that there is no hurry in the Enoteca. We must stay as long as we like to savour and enjoy.
Here is our table, set for dessert, with our espressos.
Here is a slice of the chocolate cake. Those are wild strawberries in a layer of chocolate mousse. The French couple immediately ordered a slice each for themselves, and Sarah came by with the complimentary dessert wine for them as well. The meal had turned into an occasion.
Bill and I were sensationally happy. We'll be back many times, we hope, during our time in Rome.
Claudia is also the cashier. We congratulated her on her cake as we paid. If you are in Rome, in the historic center of the city, do try to get by for lunch. Highly recommended.


  1. It is a true delight to read your posts each day. The pictures and stories of your adventure are beautiful. I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time and thank you for sharing all your experiences.

  2. Thanks, Q! I'm so glad you are enjoying our posts. How is life in London? How is your sister? How are the chickens?

  3. London is lots of fun. I'm enjoying the book you gave me. Today we checked out the Foundling Hospital and Huntarian Museum... both in the book - both very interesting and both places neither of us had been before.
    My sister is great, we're having lots of fun together. The chickens are hilarious... laying lots of eggs and very proud of it. It's being a great holiday.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun! Glad you're having fun!

    Bill and John

  5. Gorgeous mother daughter team.

    And such delicious looking work, to boot.

  6. Aren't they wonderful together. Mother and daughter generating real heat. I like it too. Glad you think the food looks good. If only I could bring you some of that cake. Now you know I'm not a dessert person, but it was out of this world.