Saturday, May 29, 2010


We had another delicious lunch at the Enoteca Corsi yesterday. They were incredibly busy. As well as a steady flow of regulars, there were hordes of tourists appearing at the door with their guidebooks open -- the Corsi is recommended in every book going. Bill and I were dazzled how gracefully the staff handled the onslaught, seating diners, taking orders, smoothing ruffled feathers and generally delivering the goods. After Bill and I had had our coffees we were gathering our bags and preparing to go when I thought I heard Sarah say to Mary something to the effect that we weren't going anywhere without having some Limoncellos. Anyway, we left our table, paid at the cashier -- suddenly, Sarah grabbed us by the wrists, led us back to our table -- by some miracle it hadn't been occupied, and sat us down for our complimentary Limoncellos. At the Enoteca Corsi, hospitality isn't just a good idea, it is the LAW. No customer is hurried, even when all hell is breaking loose. That's just the way they do things. Thank you Sarah!


  1. I love that stuff. It's divine!

  2. It is, isn't it? We've quite gotten into it here. Looking forward to seeing you July 1st.

  3. Hi John and William,

    Great web blog guys!! But where is my picture in front of the pastry in Enoteca Corsi?? ;-) I will follow your culinary experiences!

    See you!!



  4. Hey Robbin, We haven't forgotten you, mate. Next you're going to see a little post about the via Condotti, then back to the Corsi for yet another delicious lunch, including a (somewhat soft-focus) portrait of yourself. Maybe I can try for a better portrait if we see you again. I think we're going to try for Tuesday -- Claudia has promised a fresh, chocolate cake!