Monday, March 8, 2010

Before Spring Arrives

Spring seems about to arrive in Toronto after a very mild winter. Bill has been riding around the downtown core lately trying to catch some of the architecture both residential and institutional that tend to be hidden behind foliage as soon as Spring rebirth begins. Above is the York Club on Bloor and below the original home of Anansi Press on Spadina Ave.
Likewise the Victorian painted ladies on Kensington Ave and the old Orange Lodge on College will soon be hidden beneath the spring growth.
Lastly, the entrance to Emmanuel College on University Ave and the neo-Gothic details of the Metropolitan United Church on Queen East will soon be obscured by lush planting.


  1. Wonderful images. I have only been in Toronto once to sit at the airport and fly over it as well I guess. Someday I will visit to go shopping and take in all the old buildings.

  2. Glad you liked the images, Sheri! Yes, Toronto is worth a visit. I plan to upload some images of our new architectural additions soon.

    regards, Bill Kimber (aka Uncle Lynx)