Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love what our camera does in low light. Who says you need light to take pictures? Rebecca is holding the pumpkin as still as she can. It's heavy and the exposure is about 5 seconds. I would raise the ASA to 1600, it's at 400 now, but I would hate to miss effects like this. The Great Pumpkin welcomes you to another Hallowe'en.

Bill designed this costume minutes before the trick or treaters started to arrive. Mother Earth? The Green Man? A nine year old girl got it best: "You look like a mix of things". Indeed.

Indiana Jones stopped by for a quick brew. That bag is full of bottles of beer.

Nancy "the bat" before putting on her wings.

As always, the spooks and ghouls gathered in the black light of the 4th floor, witness Alka, fabric artist of the living dead.


  1. Looks like fun Uncles John and Bill!! Love your pumpkin and Bill's costume.

    We had lots of fun of our own dressing Cooper up and going to the Microsoft shin-dig.

    Holidays are too much fun!

  2. Thanks for the link. Great Hallowe'en post. Cooper is so cute and I love how he fell asleep in the midst of it all.